Dusty & Rusty – 10 muscle car projects under $10,000 on Craigslist right now!

If you’re on the hunt for a new muscle car project, we’ve curated 10 possible starting points for you from around the United States. These muscle cars for sale on Craigslist are all under $10,000 and deserving of restoration or resto-modding, depending on your ultimate goals. Let’s gas.

1967 Dodge Dart – $7,500

If you’re feeling the MOPAR love, this 1967 Dodge Dart near Chicago could be a bullseye. This former race car comes equipped with a running 440 and a 4-speed. If that doesn’t check your boxes, maybe you should rethink your taste in muscle cars.

1965 Ford Mustang – $6,500

This 1965 Ford Mustang fastback is located in Des Moines, Iowa, and offers a great starting point for your Pony Car build. Equipped with a non running (but turning) 289 V8 and an automatic trans, this originally turquoise car is ready for a new lease on life. With a fold down rear seat, a clear title and an asking price of only $6,500, are you ready to saddle up?

1969 Chevrolet El Camino – $7,500

This 1969 Chevy El Camino in Corvallis, Oregon is ready to cruise while being spruced up in the mean time. The seller claims its 350 runs and the ute drives great. They list a number of new parts that have been installed, including a fresh brake booster and fuel pump. Grab your mullet wig, because this business up front and party in the back rig is ready to roll.

1971 Dodge Challenger – $9,500

Do you enjoy puzzles? Then here’s a great muscle car project for you! This 1971 Dodge Challenger for sale west of Portland, Oregon, supposedly has all the pieces to put it back on the road, including a 440 and a 727. If you’re feeling ambitious, this originally Top Banana Yellow car could be peeling out of your driveway with just a little elbow grease.

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle – $7,900

This isn’t a mega buck SS car that you see crossing the auction block every 10 minutes, but this 1969 Chevy Chevelle outside of Omaha, Nebraska, could be the start of a beautiful clone. Even without the badges, this Chevelle is going to make for one great cruiser. It’s currently holding a turning 307 and a Powerglide, but shift your imagination into overdrive and you’ll see the options for this build are plentiful.

1966 AMC Marlin – $4,900

It’s a bit rusty, but it sure is pretty. This $4,900 1966 AMC Marlin south of Lincoln, Nebraska, wasn’t born a muscle car, but it’s begging to be one now. The hook on this car is its originality, just look at that interior, but the sinker is its six cylinder. However, it does run and drive, so you could enjoy this 88,000 mile car as is until you fish a V8 out of the garage for it.

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1972 Mercury Cougar – $4,500

If you’re seeking a bit more luxury out of a muscle (relative term) car, this rare-ish 1972 Mercury Cougar convertible near Panama City, Florida, could be right for you. It’s got a sad, but numbers matching Cleveland 351 and a console shift automatic, which looks great between its white leather buckets. For the right buyer, this car could really be the cat’s meow.

1968 Ford Torino GT – $2,850

The cheapest car on this list brings us to a 1968 Ford Torino GT outside of Boston. At only $2,850, you can’t expect much, so don’t. Really, don’t. This car once had a roaring 390, but its silent now, as in there is no motor, or transmission for that matter. The good news, if you need more parts anyway, is that the seller has a second Torino, for the same price. What do you say to this project, ToriNO or ToriYES?

1966 Buick Wildcat Grand Sport – $4,700

The seller claims this all original 1966 Buick Wildcat GS near Burlington, Vermont, is one of only 164 manufactured. Feel free to validate that, but with all of the options listed, it would not be surprising if it is 1 of 164 built exactly like this, right down to the color. This 425 equipped Wildcat runs and drives, but needs major attention. What cat doesn’t?

1966 Plymouth Satellite – $9,500

Claimed to be a barn find, and looking the part, this 1966 Plymouth Satellite near Buffalo, NY, is looking to get hooked up. For $9,500 you’ll get the running 318 equipped car, along with a 413 and a new transmission. Since it does drive well as is there is no rush on the transplant, unless you’re aching to do some out of this world burnouts upon stomping on the launch button.

While this diverse collection of cheap muscle cars for sale may not have something for everyone, it goes to show, there are deals to be had. Happy hunting, car lovers. If you buy a car off this list, drop us a note!

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