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Future Collectible – 1981 Jeep Cherokee Chief

If you’re in the market for a vehicle’s that on the verge of vintage but can still take you just about anywhere, this 1981 Jeep Cherokee may be for you. With wood-paneled Wagoneers of the same era selling for upwards of $20,000, this running and driving four door Cherokee found on Craigslist for $4,250 near St. Louis seems like a bargain, but is it?

The Chief package added $349 to the base model price of the Cherokee when introduced in January of 1975, but it appears to have been a solid investment. Aside from some sweet graphics, the package extended the Dana 44 axles by three inches and your new Jeep would come with bigger wheels and wheel cutouts. While a majority of the Cherokee Chiefs were two door, this example offers easy access for the whole family.

Outfitted with 258 straight six and and automatic, the seller states this Jeep is ready for the trails, though it’s never seen them before. Minor rust issues are present, but with only 92K on the clock and a comfy interior to boot, this Jeep looks ready to roll. Do you have your “It’s a Jeep thing” sticker ready?

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