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February 3, 1990 – Musician and high end car collector Sean Kingston is born

Reggae infusion artist Sean Kingston was born on this day in 1990. He rose to fame after being discovered on MySpace and releasing a few hits, including “Beautiful Girls.” His new found glory provided him the resources to collect a variety of high end cars. His passion for luxury has resulted in a multi-million dollar driveway arsenal

In spring of 2020 a video floated around the internet that supposdely showed his collection of cars being repossessed from his Jamaican mansion. However, Sean responded to the video saying he hadn’t been to that house in more than a year and was having the cars taken to a garage for service. He added that he had recently bought a new house in LA and showed off his latest automotive acquisitions. These included a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini Urus.

Outside of music and cars, Sean has other passions. He’s been a proponent for animal welfare and Do Something, a nonprofit that encourages young people to enact positive change. Sean recently announced an upcoming album with Chris Brown. Surely it will make him a few more bucks, so knows what’s next for this young car collector. Here’s a few pictures of his rides from social media.

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