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Cheap Classics: ’80s babies!
Cheap Classic Cars

Cheap Classics: ’80s babies!

There is no denying that a new era of car collecting has arrived, frankly, because there's a new group of collectors storming the market with fistfuls of meme stock cash and stacks of OnlyFans checks. Wherever they get their money, millennial car enthusiasts are shining new light on cars once thought of boxy turds. But hey, who would have thought that Chevelles would be selling for more than a million bucks? Thanks, oboomer, now I'll never have my dream car. But maybe I can get one of these trending 1980s collector cars before their prices skyrocket? Do I want one? I don't know, let's see what's on this list of 1980s cars under $10,000 1985 Ford Bronco II - $2,500 The reintroduction of the Ford Bronco is certainly helping to revitalize the prices of the old ones, both big and sm...

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