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July 29, 1909 – General Motors buys Cadillac
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July 29, 1909 – General Motors buys Cadillac

When General Motors (GM) purchased Cadillac on this day in 1909 for $4.5 million in GM stock, Cadillac was already the top seller of luxury automobiles in the United States. The history of Cadillac begins with the failure of Henry Ford’s second attempt at starting a car company. When Detroit engineer and machinist Henry Leland was approached by Ford’s former investors to appraise their facility and equipment, he instead convinced the men to continue with their plans to build a car company. His idea was to use his own engine design and the investors' blueprints for what was to originally be the first car from the Henry Ford Company.  Above: 1903 CadillacTop: 1908 Cadillac Model S. By DougW at English Wikipedia Henry Leland Leland honored French explorer Antoine Laumet de La M...

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