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May 25, 1950 – Chicago Green Hornet disaster kills 33
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May 25, 1950 – Chicago Green Hornet disaster kills 33

Tragedy struck the streets of Chicago on this day in 1950 when 33 people died in one of the deadliest public transportation disasters in US history to date. It occurred when a Chicago Transit Authority “Green Hornet” trolley smashed into a truck, resulting in the loss of life and more than 30 injured. Green Hornet driver Paul Manning was at the helm when he either ignored or did not see a flagman who was diverting trolleys away from a flooded underpass which made the tracks impassable due to heavy rains the night before.  Trolleys moving southbound along 63rd street were being detoured to a turnaround track to avoid the flood. Manning was piloting his Green Hornet, one of the newest in the fleet, at a dangerously fast 35 mph when he blew by the flagman. Seconds later the t...

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