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May 4, 1904 – Royce meets Rolls
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May 4, 1904 – Royce meets Rolls

Henry Royce was born poor and found himself working by age 9. Charles Rolls came from an affluent family and had a formal education at Trinity College in Cambridge. The two made unlikely business partners, but they had two things in common by the time they met; a background in engineering and a desire to build the world’s greatest car. On this day in 1904 that partnership began at an arranged lunch at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. Top. Charles Rolls, left ,and Henry RoyceAbove: 1905 Rolls-Royce Long before the meeting took place Rolls had started a car dealership selling imports from Belgium and France. However, he desired to build and sell English cars that were second to none. Royce, on the other hand, was using his background in engineering to produce 10 hp cars. Henry Edm...

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