Classified – 1970 Opel GT for Sale – $6,499

The original Opel GT is a sleek little German sports car that was introduced just in time to see the end of the swinging 60’s. During the production run from 1968 to 1973 only 103,463 were built, making them relatively rare today. To level with you, this particular Opel GT for sale is my car, and I am not looking forward to selling it. But with a wedding coming, a house and three other classics to care for, something has to go. So I’ll be as straight as I can with you. I bought the car in 2015 and drove it regularly until 2018 when I moved across country for a while. So it has been garaged the last couple years, but has been ran periodically. Unfortunately, the last time I pulled out of the garage, about two months ago, the brake pedal went straight to the floor. So, without further ado, here’s the specs on my 1970 Opel GT for sale near Seattle.

This car has the 1.9 liter engine and a four speed stick. It runs and shifts as it should, but it doesn’t want to stop any more. The odometer reads 11,xxx miles. My guess would be that it has turned the dial at least once, but because the interior is in pretty decent shape, minus the sun damage on the drivers seat that resulted in a tear, it may be original (the headliner is perfect!). Although, the radio buzzes, but otherwise doesn’t work.

This Opel GT has new wheels and tires with no more than 500 miles. Three original Opel GT “mags” could be included in the sale. When I purchased the car it only had three original wheels, plus a mismatched rim.

The mechanical work that I have done on the car includes installing a new fuel pump, a new starter and rebuilt the original Solex carb. I’d recommend upgrading to the Weber carb. I had a different GT about 12 years ago and installed a Weber. You can tell the difference. This car also has a rewired ignition, with new keys.

The headlights, as you may know if you’re a fan of this car, are quite unique. The roll together via a manual lever in the console. When I got this car they mechanism did not work. It now does roll, but the lights don’t turn on when you open them like they are supposed to. A new switch has been added, which allows you to turn them on once they’re open. Just don’t forget to turn them off if you close the lights, the battery will die.

There is some rust in the nose and battery tray and it seems like it was lightly rear ended at some point and someone did some shoddy body work. The reverse light appears to have taken the brunt of the hit, if that is what happened. I partially believe this car was hit and parked with low mileage, but no record of such. I have not done any additional body or paint work to the car since acquiring it in 2015. As far as I can tell the paint is original or an old respray. Also, I have the front bumper, it just isn’t currently on the car. I will say, when the brakes worked, it ran and drove down the road very well, so any potential accident damage was purely cosmetic.

These cars are becoming quite desirable, some selling upwards of $25,000. I am listing this car as best offer, as I don’t necessarily need to let it go, but the right price would definitely motivate me. A quick search shows Opel GTs in similar condition are selling for between $6,000 and $9,000, so think hard about throwing a number out there. I do not have the ability to provide more pictures, as I currently live quite far from where the car is stored. I can answer questions and can arrange showing for only seriously interested parties. If you’re feeling it, please hit contact at the top of the page or click here and fill out the form to reach me. Additionally, you can message This Day In Automotive History on Facebook if you have more questions or want to see the car or buy it.

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