Dusty & Rusty – 1969 Dodge A-108 Sportsman Van

Even before the pause button was pushed on pretty much all social and professional activities in 2020, van life was growing increasingly popular. The feasibility of remote work has made the open road more accessible for adventurous folk of all ages and skills. While many people itching to hit the highway for extended periods of time opt for a conventional camper, Sprinter or a Transit Van, this 1969 Dodge A-108 Sportsman seems like a solid alternative, especially if you like to be the center of attention. This bare bones van has a running V8 and is ready for your personal touches. It could be yours for only $6,500 and can be found on Craigslist in Sacramento.

The seller of this 14 window van doesn’t offer too much insight into its condition, but they boast the 318 V8 and 727 Torqueflight transmission are both in working order and ready to cruise anywhere you please. That’s good news for vanners who are more apt to interior design than mechanical repairs.

From the outside the van doesn’t appear to be in terrible shape. Sure, the turquoise and white paint could use some help and a few minor dings, dents and areas of rust can be spotted, but ultimately, this van looks good as is. It’s skin certainly has a story to tell. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising for the next owner to have this one refinished in its original colors. It is a great paint scheme!

Inside is where things get a bit dicey. There isn’t much, or anything, in there besides the captains chairs and dash. However, this is perfect for someone looking to build a van for the long haul from scratch. There’s room for a bed, table, fridge and stove, depending on how far you want to take the conversion. A propane camp stove would probably do you just as well. In any case, the 108 inch wheel base of this van allows for plenty of space for all your wants and needs. Not to mention the pop out windows will provide for some decent ventilation if things get steamy inside — because of your stove, duh.

The 1964 to 1970 Dodge A100 series included vans and trucks. During that time an approximate 107,779 vans rolled off the Warren, Michigan assembly line. With the long wheel base A108 not introduced until 1967, it can be safely assumed there were few of this particular model produced. If you want to stand out among the van crowd at the campground, this somewhat rare 1969 Dodge A108 would be the way to go. Could you see yourself living the van life in this Dodge, or would you not be caught dead in it? You must admit, it’s got a helluva lot more character than the Dodge vans being built these days.

Sweet pop out windows.

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