Dusty & Rusty – 1974 Chevy G10 Show Van – $2,500

Man, the ’70s were a wild time. I think. I wasn’t there. If I had been, I hope I would have been cruising in something like this 1974 Chevrolet Shorty Van. As the former owner of a 1983 Chevy G-Series van (the Kangaroo Pouch), I can say confidently, these are sweet. Heck, Chevy pumped ’em out of the factory virtually unchanged for 25 years because they knew how good they were. If you’d bought a first year third generation Chevy van in 1971 and traded it in for a last year third gen in 1996, you may think you’re driving the same rig. OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but Chevrolet had a winner with this funky people hauler. Which brings us to our featured vehicle.

This Chevy G10 shorty van, listed on Craigslist outside of Des Moines, Iowa for $2,500, is a puzzle that needs to be put back together. When you’re done though, you’ll have one fine piece of 1970s awesomeness on your hands.

1974 Chevy Shorty

The seller claims this van spent its heyday on the show circuit. Based on the faded paint job, I believe it. I’m seeing some Screaming Chicken inspiration, how about you? And that message on the back, I can only imagine its an ode to Scottish rock band Nazareth who released an album by the same name in ’77. I can smell the ganja already.

The van received a complimentary disassembly by the original owner who lost interest in a new vision. While done with good intentions, it’s sad to see this van in parts. It does give you a leg up on doing the work yourself, just be sure to take inventory. There’s no shortage of parts included with the sale, but it isn’t complete. The seller does say they have another van of the same vintage they can offer, if the price is right.

1974 Chevy Shorty

It’s fun to imagine what this ride looked like when it was parading around the country. The remains of the plush blue interior offer a hint of its former radicalness. The wood cutouts indicate it likely had a round bed in the back, which was good for only one thing; sleeping after a long day’s drive of course.

1974 Chevy Shorty

It needs its fair share of work, but come on, baby, this van deserves the labor. Can’t you picture yourself rolling up to the Van Nats in this G-Series after a thoughtful resurrection wearing too short of shorts and a sweat band on your forehead? No? It’s the 70s, man, take a chill pill. So what say you? Is this Chevrolet van destined for greatness, or the crusher? Somebody save it!

1974 Chevy Shorty

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