For Sale: 1926 Model T Hot Rod – affordable fun

This blog tends to cover cars that are priced under $10,000, but when this 1926 Model T came across my radar, I couldn’t let it pass by. While calling $12,995 affordable is a stretch, it stands out when similar cars are often priced well over $20K. Perhaps its the V6 that sets it back? Maybe the rattle can paint job? To me, those unique characteristics make it an excellent choice for entry level hot rodding. You can find this 1926 Model T hot rod for sale on Craigslist in Shelton, Washington. Does this one grab your attention too, or am I just having a 1/3 life crisis?

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908 it soon became the best selling car of the era. With more than 15 million (or exactly 15 million according to Ford), there’s still no shortage to collect, restore or customize. This particular one of course falls into the latter category. One of the more interesting choices made by this rod’s builder is its power plant, a V6.

V6 engine
4.3 Liter V6.

Since they list it as a 4.3 liter engine, I would assume its a GM 262 cubic inch engine. Chervolet used this engine in a variety of applications from 1985 until 2014. It fits perfectly in this little coupe, surely giving it plenty of power and decent fuel economy. With the V6 mated to an automatic transmission, it seems plausible that this car’s builder wanted an easy cruiser. I’m all for V8s, but I think this car still does exactly what Ford originally designed it to do – provide reliable, affordable transportation.

Inside we’ll find a fairly plain Jane, slightly worn interior, which is good by me. The door cards do have a nice diamond stitch pattern, so it’s certainly not featureless. The wood trim is a highlight too, as it tributes the car’s original construction. In any case, it’s clean and cozy; perfect for a night on the town with a hot date.

Hot Rod Lincoln – $17.99

Heck, while it’s not your average grocery-getter, I would go so far as to say it could be a decent daily driver. In many ways, this car and its rinkadink paint and simplicity pays credence to the origins of hot rodding. It’s quirky, fun and ready to rock. At a hair under $13K, I’m wishing I lived a bit closer so I could scope it out in person. If you’re in the area, let me know, I may have a job for you! I’m really feeling it, please consider donating so I can buy it (wink)! What do you think, are you ready to roll those big fuzzy dice on this one?

Ford hot rod rear

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