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October 5, 1964 – Limo JFK was shot in returns to presidential service

You’d think a federal government would opt for scrapping a car a president was shot in. Most countries would, right? The US of A is not one of them. After President Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963, the presidential Lincoln Continental went to Hess & Eisenhardt to receive upgrades. There it underwent a number of modifications, including armor plating, bullet-resistant glass and a bulletproof permanent roof. Upon its reconstruction, the JFK Lincoln returned to presidential service on this day in 1964. It would provide rides for presidents and their guests until 1978. The JFK car now resides at the Henry Ford Museum near Detroit.

Above: The presidential limo as it sits at the Henry Ford Museum. By Alvintrusty – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0. Top: JFK riding in the car minutes before his assassination.

William McKinley became the first president to ride in an automobile when Freelan Stanley took him for a spin in a Stanley Steamer in 1899. McKinley later became the first president to ride in an electric automobile as well, though under dire circumstances After behind shot on September 6, 1901 at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, an electric ambulance transported him to a hospital. He died of his injuries September 14.

Electric ambulance of the Pan-American Exposition

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