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June 22, 1933 – The death of Bentley Boy Tim Birkin

On this day in 1933 English racecar driver Tim Birkin passed away at Countess Carnavon Nursing Home in London due to complications with a wound and/or malaria. Birkin began motor racing in 1921. Following time away from the track he re-entered in 1927 driving a 3 litre Bentley. He participated successfully in events at places such as Brooklands and Le Mans, and became known as one of the “Bentley Boys.” The Bentley Boys were a group of wealthy British motoring enthusiasts and racecar drivers who utilized Bentley sports in numerous wins throughout the 1920s, helping to keep the marque’s reputation for high performance cars alive.
Birkin’s death is suspected to be a combination of a septic wound that he received when he burned himself on a hot exhaust pipe weeks before his death and a problem with malaria.

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