American Poplaire

December 9, 1903 – American Automobile and Power Company

 By the beginning of the twentieth century there were hundreds of automakers pumping out various models all over the world. One of them, Sanford, Maine based American Automobile and Power Company, incorporated on this day in 1903. With $500,000 in capital the company manufactured three high priced models of their American Populaire in 1904 and 1905. Available bodies included a roadster for $850, a tonneau for $950 and $1000 Cape Cod Tourer. At the time Ford was selling the Model S for $700. Treasurer Henry Long stated, “We could sell one thousand cars in three months if we could make them.” Apparently, they could not make them. By April 1905 the Maine Alpaca Company moved their operation into the defunct automaker’s factory.

Ad for American Automobile and Power Company

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