September 18, 1955 – The 2 millionth Ford V8 engine is built

On this day in 1955 Ford produced its 2 millionth flathead V8 engine, 23 years after its introduction in the 1932 Model 18. The valve-in-block design was the first independently manufactured V8 from Ford. The first rendition of the flathead engine had a displacement of 221 cubic inches and made 65 horsepower. These Ford V8 engines can be identified by the water pumps located at the front of the heads.

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Production of the 221 lasted from 1932 to 1936 before being replaced by a block with water pumps on the side. In 1939 the 221 was replaced by the 239, which pumped out 95 horsepower. The original flathead Ford V8 design was discontinued in 1953, the two millionth V8 was a second generation engine.

1932 Ford V8

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