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October 28, 1977 – Tokyo Motor Show opens

First generation Daihatsu Charade. By Charles01 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

The annual Tokyo Motor Show kicked off on this day in 1977. By the late 1970s, fuel economy had become a hot topic in the auto world and the show offered a look at an array of upcoming fuel sippers. Among the most popular fuel-saving cars shown were the diesel powered Toyota Crown and Isuzu Florian. Yet the oddball Daihatsu Charade made one of the biggest splashes at the show thanks to its unique engine configuration. What made it so special? The world’s first mass produced four-cycle, three cylinder engine sat under its hood. The tiny ICE achieved about 19 liters per kilometer, which is about 45 miles per gallon. It remained in production through 2000.

1978 Toyota Crown 2600 Saloon. By Riley from Christchurch, New Zealand CC BY 2.0

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