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August 19, 1958 – The last Packard

On this day in 1958 the last vehicle to carry the Packard name rolled off the assembly line. After a 1956 merger with Studebaker Packard struggled to maintain the exclusivity it once held in the American auto market. Other factors, such as a recession in the 1950s and heavy competition from GM, Ford and Chrysler, resulted in the make’s demise. The last true Packard was produced in Detroit on June 25, 1956, prior to the merger. Following the deal Packards began to lose their styling and were essentially rebadged Studebakers. The brand, which was once the favorite of movie stars and millionaires throughout the country, was now just a cheap car with an even cheaper facelift. These cars were known as “Packardbakers” by comedians, as well as many people in the auto industry!
Pictured is a 1958 Packard. – By User Morven on en.wikipedia –

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