Spring Cleaning: 5 Craigslist Project Cars Under $5,000

By Cody Clark

It’s high time for another round of Five Project Cars. With car prices steadily rising, these neglected pieces of history might make an enthusiast very happy.

1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass for sale

While this 1973 Cutlass available for $3,000 on craigslist is the most complete of the bunch, what you see is what you get. A tepid assurance from the seller that this example runs is enough to convince you, you can enjoy this brown couple all the way home. If you squint you can say ‘luxury Camaro.’ Nice brown mags.

1959 Ford Thunderbird for sale

This 1959 Ford Thunderbird was made during the Eisenhower administration and probably sold for around $3,500. After many decades and many run-ins with paint thinner, this one is only $2,500. It even comes with an engine on a stand!

1940 Oldsmobile for sale

This 1940 Oldsmobile Series 60 has a ton of potential and no title. But do you really think bootleggers had titles for every car? This car is begging for some love and is ready to bounce over some Appalachian roads for a very reasonable initial investment of $1,500.

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1972 Fiat Sport Coupe for sale

This Fiat 124 Sport Coupe is another example with extreme potential for someone who likes spirited driving. Keep it out of Italy’s major cities and you’ll never have to worry about the missing title. Get lost in those hubcaps and those giant windows! Maybe the details will convince you to spend $3,500 on a non-running coupe from the Old Country. 

1979 Ford F-150 for sale

Project cars don’t all have to be sporty and impractical. This 1979 F-150 could hypothetically spin all four wheels and is available for only 2,200 bucks. The seller claims this F-Series Ford truck is ready to drive onto a trailer. The broad strokes are there: it moves, shifts, and has all the glass. You’ll have to provide everything else.

Spring is in the air, may as well add some exhaust and rust dust to it too! Which of these Craigslist project cars would you drag home first?

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