Cyber Monday Deals for Automotive Accessories

It’s that time of year, you know, when all the best deals hit the market. Today is your last chance to grab some gear directly from This Day in Automotive History or check out our Amazon affiliate products. All of these automotive accessories are currently on sale but these deals will expire by November 29th, so get them now!

Automotive Cleaning Gel – This stuff will get into the toughest places to keep your ride looking brand new. At $7.99 it’s a must have for any car or truck.

Car Jump Box – Don’t get stuck with a dead battery. Investing in a portable jump box will help keep you safely on the road.

This Day in Automotive History Apparel – Get 25% off any apparel from our shop with code HISTORY at checkout. Great deal and great threads for any gear head. Click here for the whole shop.

FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Car – I have one of these personally and it has saved me multiple trips to the shop. Read and clear codes in just a few simple steps!

Car Refrigerator – Keep your lunch cold and your drinks chilled with this plug in fridge. It’s the perfect road trip accessory for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road or enjoys long drives just for fun.

Underglow Car Lights – Give your car a unique look with these easy to install underglow lights. Control the color and brightness with your smartphone!

Luxury Car Seat Covers – Protect the front seat of your ride with these luxury seat protectors that fit many different makes and models. They look fantastic on their own!

Ice Scraper and Snow Brush – Winter is coming and if you live anywhere that has a chance of cold and snow, you’ll want to invest in a quality windshield ice scraper and snow brush.

Pop Up Tent for Truck Bed – For the camper in the family, this is a must have. This automatic set up tent was ranked as the best truck bed tent by Forbes Wheels.

Canon EOS Rebel – If you love taking automotive pictures, you must have a great camera for that perfect shot. The Canon Rebel is a fantastic choice for all types of car photography, still and action!

Armor All Car Cleaning Products – This bundle of car care products is a great gift for the car lover in your family, or for yourself! It has everything you need to keep a car looking brand new.

For more automotive accessories on sale for Cyber Monday, click here! As an Amazon Associate, we make money off of eligible purchased made by clicking these links. Thank you for your support!

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If you learned something today, please buy me a beer!


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