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November 29, 1906 – Lancia is founded

1909 Lancia

A group of Fiat racing drivers, including Vincenzo Lancia and his friend Claudio Fogolin, founded Lancia & C. Fabbrica Automobili on this day in 1906 in Turin, Italy. Lancia achieved commercial success with their first vehicle, the Tipo 51. This 12 hp car remained in production from 1907 through 1912. Lancia earned a reputation for innovation when it became the first automaker to offer production V4 and V6 engines, as well as independent suspension.  

By the end of the 1960s Lancia skimmed the possibility of bankruptcy. A bid by Fiat to take over the company was accepted. A reorganization put the company back on track, literally. A fresh focus on racing boosted sales after many dominating rally performances throughout the 1970s and 1980s. By the mid 2000s, troubles had struck again. The formation of Stellantis, as a result of the Fiat Chrysler merger, has given hope to the brand. With 2021 being the company’s 115th anniversary, some good news broke with executives announcing a plan to launch three new premium models under the name by 2024.

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