Gas Monkey Galaxie – Running 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 (really cheap!)

1967 ford galaxie 500 for sale

Ole Richard Rawlings is passing on a stalled restoration project that could be a great score for someone looking for a little muscle to add to their collection. Offered directly by Gas Monkey Garage on Craigslist in Dallas for just $3,950, this running and driving 1967 Ford Galaxie appears to be a screaming deal. At least on the surface. Sure, it ain’t perfect, but pop the hood and you’ll find a 289 V8 that’s connected to a four speed manual transmission. Uh, hello! Time to burn some rubber! Right? Not quite. This car will need a thorough inspection and a solid once over before anyone tries tearing up the streets. Of course, that could just be liability speaking. Let’s take a closer look.

Ford Galaxie Exterior

At first glance, this blue and white Blue Oval looks pretty tired, given the primer and missing vinyl top. However, the body is quite straight and after taking it in, would be perfectly suited for cruising as is. Further restoration would allow the next owner to take this ride to the next level. The seller does mention that there are many trim pieces included that are currently sitting in the trunk. They also state that there are some sheet metal “patches” in the lower rear rockers. Don’t forget to check the underside, as it appears there is surface rust present pretty much everywhere. What’s not hard to miss is that the exterior matches the interior of this 1967 Ford Galaxie for sale pretty well.

Swing open the doors and voila, you’re hit with another dose of blue and white. The custom seats and door cards are complimented by an AC system and an upgraded stereo that are both sure to make cruising all that much more pleasurable. Don’t forget there’s the all import 4-speed stick sitting near the middle of the front bench seat. Sure, slide your lady over, but don’t let her get in the way of those quick shifts off the line.

1967 Ford Galaxie 500 engine

Powering this blue beast is a running 289 V8. That is one of the options that this car came with originally, but the folks at Gas Monkey Garage don’t mention if it is a numbers matching example. Nor do they claim that the 22,XXX miles on the odometer are original. Let’s be honest, they probably aren’t. What they do say is that it has a set of exhaust headers that give the a pleasant note out of the tail pipe. Can’t go wrong with that.

This Gas Monkey Galaxie is cool no matter who is selling it. Whether you’re a fan of the show Fast N’ Loud or not, this is a great deal for a cheap muscle car for sale on Craigslist. It only gets better when you toss in the four speed transmission, air conditioning and sweet stereo system. Would you cruise this Ford Galaxie 500 as is or would you monkey around in the garage a bit to shine it up? What do you think Richard Rawlings would do if he decided to finish the car? Not to your taste? Maybe these affordable Craigslist muscle cars are.

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