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Future Collectible – 1981 Jeep Cherokee Chief
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Future Collectible – 1981 Jeep Cherokee Chief

If you're in the market for a vehicle's that on the verge of vintage but can still take you just about anywhere, this 1981 Jeep Cherokee may be for you. With wood-paneled Wagoneers of the same era selling for upwards of $20,000, this running and driving four door Cherokee found on Craigslist for $4,250 near St. Louis seems like a bargain, but is it? The Chief package added $349 to the base model price of the Cherokee when introduced in January of 1975, but it appears to have been a solid investment. Aside from some sweet graphics, the package extended the Dana 44 axles by three inches and your new Jeep would come with bigger wheels and wheel cutouts. While a majority of the Cherokee Chiefs were two door, this example offers easy access for the whole family. Outfitted with 2...

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