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Woody Wagon For Sale: 1977 Ford Country Squire – $7,800
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Woody Wagon For Sale: 1977 Ford Country Squire – $7,800

By Cody Clark What would you give to live the dream? How about $7,800? That's the price on this fantastic 1977 Ford LTD Country Squire available on Craigslist in Scarsdale, New York. Showing off a lumber yard’s worth of wood paneling, outstanding flip-up headlights and 400 cubic inches of engine goodness that just won’t quit even after nearly half a century, this LTD offers a retroactive resolution to your malaise dreams.  The seller is sparse with details about this rolling apartment complex, but does note the important details: minimal rust, a stout V8 and unbeatable crank windows. The paint looks clean (even on top!) and only the ‘70s could produce a white hue that mismatched with the brown paneling, although the seller notes a recent respray. The car retains some sp...

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