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Dusty & Rusty – 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster – $8,995
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Dusty & Rusty – 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster – $8,995

Horace and John Dodge are among the most fascinating automotive pioneers, at least in this author's opinion. They started a machine shop in 1900 that would supply engines, transmissions, axles and other parts to numerous automakers including Oldsmobile and Ford. The pair made a fortune from to Henry Ford before jumping ship to start their own car company, Dodge Brothers. They finished their first car in 1914 and were soon pumping out some of the most durable automobiles in America. In 1917 the Dodge Brothers introduced the Model 30, which was available in several body styles. You could opt for a coupe, sedan, Tourer, or like this one, a Roadster. This running and driving 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster is located in Sturgis, South Dakota and is on Craigslist for $8,995. It's sad to think tha...

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