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5 Facts – Automotive Firsts

5 Facts – Automotive Firsts

When it comes to automotive history, there are a lot of firsts to be acknowledged. Today we're taking a fast look at five of those first that forever changed the automobile and transportation as a whole. Which of the following ideas or inventions do you think had the most significant impact on the industry? 1. The First Self Powered Road Vehicle The 1769 Fardier à vapeur In 1769 French engineer and inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot debuted the first self-propelled road vehicle. It was a steam powered military wagon based off the design of fardier, which was a two wheeled cart attached to horses. In lieu of horses, Cugnot's design utilized a third wheel and a steam engine, effectively creating the world's first automobile which was known as the Fardier à vapeur. A larger version buil...

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