Top 5 Craigslist Car Finds – Hot Rod Edition – Feb. 8, 2023

We found some crazy cool classic Ford hot rods for sale on Craigslist that we’re dying to share. If only I had a space to store them, let alone the money to buy them myself. Alas, I don’t, so perhaps you should! Check out these affordable hot rods in the video and let us know which one you want to bring home the most. Links for each listing are below.

1954 Ford Customline – $11,500

hot rods for sale

This classic cruiser is for sale outside of Kansas City for a price as splendid as the car. With a 239 Y block V8 connected to a three speed manual transmission, this old hot rod is a hard hitter. Find it here on Craigslist.

1957 Ford Ranchero – $12,000

This running but rusty Ford Ranchero hot rod is a patina cruiser, if you’re into the P word. With a V8, C6 automatic transmission and a number of new parts, you can certainly get your money’s worth out of this rare ride. It’s on Craigslist in San Diego.

1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod- $14,500

This Model A roadster may have some silly door graphics, but there’s nothing funny about this car’s potential. It’s got a great look and is nearly ready to rip. Batteries not included. Check it out this Craigslist hot rod here near Houston.

1937 Ford Ratrod Truck – $13,000

The seller claims this beast runs and drives great. It’s got a small block Chevy to move it along, and we’re assuming it moves pretty well. How comfortable is it? Well, that’s up for debate but you can find out if you buy this ratrod for sale on Craigslist in Helena, Montana.

1923 Ford T Bucket – $8,500

This fiberglass T-bucket hot rod runs and drives, moving under the power of a Chevrolet 283. This little roadster has a classic look and Marilyn Monroe and Elvis will even ride with you wherever you go. At $8,500, it’s not a bad deal. Find it here on Craigslist in Texas

These hot rods for sale are just a drop in the Craigslist ocean, but they are some of the best deals for the week of February 8, 2023. If you buy one, be sure to send us a note on Facebook. And remember, drive history every day!

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