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JDM for Sale! – 1996 Daihatsu Midget II

Some of the hottest cars in the USA are ones built for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) at least 25 years ago. This Daihatsu Midget II may not be one of them, but it’s still, ah — cute. And it’s affordable, like many other JDM cars on Craigslist and elsewhere. This little one seat pickup is listed near Bellingham, WA for just under $8,000. Sure, it’s more akin to a go-kart than a truck, but it’s a go-kart that does freeway speeds and can actually help you accomplish your weekend chores. While Supras, Skylines and the like are fueling the JDM craze, it’s tiny Kei cars and trucks like this remind the US what practicality is (this, not a Ford Excursion). We will take a closer look a this fine piece of JDM sass, but first, let’s figure unravel how it we got here.

How do you Import JDM cars?

jdm truck for sale

Let’s step back in time to 2001 when The Fast and the Furious introduced a generation to what the Japanese car market had to offer. That was 21 years ago, still not old enough to legally import a JDM car to the USA. Current EPA rules mandate cars and trucks from Japan must be at least a quarter century old to come to cross the Pacific. This of course has to do with emissions and safety standards. Remember, 25 years is how old a car needs to be to be considered a classic in many states. Was that too many to bes?

So, every year we get new cars from Japan coming to the United States that are actually used cars. Most are auction vehicles. Some Japanese car auctions sell more than 30,000 vehicles a week! But if you look carefully, you’ll find many are are in exceptional condition and low mileage, just like this Daihatsu. In any case, importing JDM cars is a complex process, so it’s wise to work with a JDM dealer that knows what they’re doing.

JDM Truck for Sale

This rear wheel drive JDM truck has a fuel efficient 660cc engine with around 23,000 miles on it. It’s essentially a motorcycle with a cab and a bed, and a stick shift that you’ll need to operate with your right hand. Not only will you look cool driving down the road, you’ll be cool thanks to the AC. Hey, you’ve got to have options, if only a few!

jdm for sale

If you’re on the hunt for a truck to haul groceries or pillows, this is the perfect option. That said, don’t expect to transport much else. In all honesty, if you’re a solo adventurer, this could be a great ride. It’ll no doubt carry your camping gear, just be sure to strap it down. Of course, for the long distance commuter, this Kei truck for sale will come in handy too. Considering it’s difficult to find any sort of decent used car for under $10,000, this mini truck starts to look better and better. It even appears to have a CD player! While it’s no Kenmeri Skyline or JDM overlanding overlord, it’s a functional vehicle. While it’s bed may be slightly impractical to the average American, it’s sure to carry loads of smiles.

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