September 2, 1959 – The Ford Falcon is introduced

On this day in 1959 Henry Ford II introduced the compact, fuel efficient Falcon via closed-circuit TV to viewers in 21 cities. The vehicle would officially go on sale on October 8 for the 1960 model year and it became an instant success with dealers buying up every one of the 97,000 first production run vehicles by the next day. The car, which ran with the slogan, “The small car with the big feel,” was one of many small cars being produced by American automakers following decades of giant cars featuring mountains of fins and chrome. In order to compete with the European imports such as VW and Fiat that got great gas mileage American cars were quickly becoming smaller at the end of the 1950s. Import auto sales had jumped more than 1,000 percent between 1954 and 1959, taking up an astonishing 10 percent of total US auto sales. Chevrolet introduced the Corvair and Chrysler had the Valiant, both competing with the Falcon. This era of automaking, from big to small, led to a large change in the auto industry, where drivers wanted sensibility, such as low costs and great fuel efficiency, which still holds true today to an effect. The Falcon would be produced for model years 1960 through 1970 and featured coupes, sedans, wagons, convertibles, sedan delivery and of course it was the base for the Ranchero in the early 1960s. More than 1,000,000 Falcons sold in the first two years of production. Pics -1960 Ford Falcon sedan by Rex Gray – 1960 Ford Falcon 4d sdn cream fvr, CC BY-SA 2.01962 Falcon wagon – By Stephen Foskett1970 Falcon Sport Coupe in Chile by order_242 from Chile CC BY-SA 2.0,1970 ½ Ford Falcon, the last Falcon produced.

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