Cheap Classic – Driving 1931 Ford Model A Truck – $6,500

Model a truck

The Model T was so good for Ford, that when it finally came time to replace it (after 20 years) they couldn’t even make a Model U, they simply had to start over. The result was the Model A, which offered more timely styling and modern mechanicals. Like the T though, the Model A covered a variety of body styles, from coupes and convertibles to pickups, like this one. Found on Craigslist in Dallas, this 1931 Ford Model A truck is listed for $6,500. While that may seem like a pile of cash for an old, rusty workhorse, considering it runs, drives and stops, it may be quite a deal. Let’s take a closer look.

On the outside, yep, rust. It’s hard to tell if it’s seriously cancerous or just has a nice coating of oxidation that gives it that patina some of y’all are so fond of. What’s beautiful about this truck’s condition is that there is no issue putting it to work? Need to throw some groceries in the back? Done. Hauling hay? Hey, why not? Pulling a little boat? I actually have no idea what the tow rating is one one of these old trucks. I guess that depends on the drivetrain. Interestingly enough, the seller says they spent “a lot” of money on the drivetrain, but show no pictures of it or even say if its original.

What they do say is the truck runs, moves and stops and is a blast to drive. That makes me giddy. I’d love to take this thing for a spin. Heck, those seats even make it look pretty comfy. If I lived within a few hours drive, there’s a good chance this would become my new parts runner. Can you imagine rolling up to the bar in this bad boy?

In 1931, final year of Model A production, Ford made 103,561 trucks, according to In total, 626,579 Model As of all body styles left the production line that year, bringing total Model A production to 4,320,446. This is also according to that website, which offers a disclaimer that numbers may not be correct. If you have a better source, shoot it my way! While plenty of these trucks of been restored and hotrodded, it’s nice to see a survivor out there doing its thing. If this was you truck would you drive it as is or dress it up?

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